Wednesday, June 13, 2012

goal #1

is to get all of my photos off of my camera and computers and laptop and ipad and get them all printed...uuggghhh!  I have been horrible about this!  I dont even want to think about what the cost of printing about 500 photos would be.  Maybe I can find some good deals or online

missing scrapping...

I'm itching to get back on track with my scrapping.  I have soo many photos and have seen soo many cool ideas, that I need to sit down and do it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

2 of my newest

the sunflower layout is a page I've been wanting to do for a while....been holding onto the photos until I figured out the right way for them to be used. the get inspired layout was a fun challenge I took part in @ For The Luv of Art...and right now, its one of my favorites!

POTD January 14, 2011

is of the kids & the cats....which was hard to achieve because a lot of chasing was involved to pull this off! ....not sure who chased eachother more.... Kasey & Kyle, Midnight & Rascal or the kids chasing the cats they caught....?

POTD January 15, 2011

the photos aren't great but it shows something great! Which is before, during and after pics of the chore of moving the food that was stuffed into one tiny little cupboard into its new, totally organized home in the brand new pantry! woohoooo!

POTD January 16, 2011

is of what I carry with me to work every day. And they happen to be my 2 favorite bags. They both can hold an insane amount of stuff....which for some reason I think I need to have with me.

POTD January 17, 2011

is of my evening to myself while Ricky was at work and the kids were snug in the beds, asleep.... It was "me" time! Yay me! and I was visiting my new favorite scrapping site "For the Luv of Art"...while enjoying a glass of the wine that I got at Christmas.